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Published on 23rd July 2013

Applause: A Form of Worship

Ponder this. Our need for recognition and praise is sinful to God. Could it be possible that our need for outside gratification impedes our relationship with and fidelity to Him? Coincidently, I’ve found my need to be complimented and praised for what I did revealed my true motive, personal credit and recognition. I could assume that’s what redirects my attention from God led initiatives to ones that reward my own efforts.

Perhaps seeking validation shows more of my concern for value people place on me than what I believe about myself from God. Am I obsessed with validation? Am I more concerned with how my neighbor sees me than how I appear to God? In my personal experience, society encourages us to seek praise from others. This however impedes our natural inclination to give any glory to God. We’ve come to believe that our good deeds, triumphs, skills, and talents have made us more credible beings when in reality we’re merely obsessed with proving our strength and validity.

Fortunately, God is never too busy to counsel us. The truth is, we have what we have and are who we are because of the Creator. If there is ever something to brag about, it should be about his companionship and commitment to us. Scripture says let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord. (King James Bible, 1 Corinthians 1:31) Living life does not make this statement simple to live by, but it should be a reminder – every bit of recognition should be directed to the one that has the power to exalt you.

The truth is, it makes us feel good to be praised. In our eyes praise makes us seem more valuable. Though it may be a subconscious act to seek recognition we cannot forget that it places God second to on our list of endeavors. We devalue how He sees us when our gratification comes from what people value within us. We were never promised praise, but through humility we are exalted in Christ, knowing we would be nothing without our God-given gifts and talents. Not only are we called to exalt God in all ways, we must share how we overcome our struggles with others.