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Published on 21st March 2017


The weight is unbearable. I feel my legs giving out beneath me. My feet are no longer hard pressed on the broken, cement ground and I'm losing my will to stand. The being peers over me and without direct contact, its' presence consumes me. I cannot tell what is holding me up anymore, my back or my mind. 

The air from its' lungs encloses around me and traps me in a womb-like state. My hands are pressed to my chest and my feeling of the present has disappeared. I  am no longer on the ground, but entrapped in its' arm like the cradling of the earth in God's creation moment. There is a fear, fear that I will be swallowed up by this mass of life. This misty air cannot be quantified or measured and cannot be understood. So consumed that each tear falling streams down the side of my cheeks and my neck and my chest. Uncontrollably now and without warning. 

If only I calculate the beings next move, I could free myself from this unknown encounter, but somehow I have no desire to. Rather I will peer into the place where its' eyes should be and try to feel for the racing heart beat as the one thudding from my chest. He is real, he is all around and I cannot escape. I choose not to escape.