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Published on 15th March 2017

Rebirth and a Cave

I peered upward, at the top of the mountain and there appeared a celestial body, an angel of heavenly sorts. It had no face and no eyes to peer through, but it took my hand and guided me through a vast opening in the mountain - that which appeared to have no end. Before the light escaped, I examined it's robe which was rich in color, thick and heavy, inlaid with bony, white feathers. 

"Where are we going?" I whispered, in fear of his response. Nothing was said and in fact I was sure I would not understand until it was too late to react. Now it was night as we walked in darkness for what felt like miles. We came to an unexpected halt. The travel seemed to end here. My body was still afraid, but somehow my mind overcame the fear of the unknowing. 

As my feet inched closer to what felt like a cliff, I gasped for the thin air that enveloped my face. I felt the urge to jump, so I jumped, into what felt like a watery abyss. The being did not surrender with me. The water is warm and makes my skin pulsate like sounds waves bouncing off cave walls. I had to wade in the water for a short while. If I became still, my body went heavy. 

The being was nearby. I sensed his presence, but I could not locate him with my eyes. Just then the water chilled and forced my developing calm into a fearsome panic. I cried, not for help, but for understanding. Had my heart caused this disturbance? Was I capable of escape? 

Suddenly, the being approached me, so close the air became stale and motionless. So close I could hear the faint throb of his heart. Both his wings flailed heavily on both sides of my body into a bind. I was engulfed in a massive body of wind and deep and obscurity that I could not contain my tears. It was though I needed to weep. Could my tears be helping me to see something? Could I be uncovering the meaning of this encounter? I was unclear, but I continued to entertain the urge. 

It was though I was brought to these waters to be shown something - to be shielded from the inevitable. What could I be here to see? Then, with one violent exhale, the being released my body fast onto the break of the water. He disappeared. "Am I alive?" I hoped. I do not want to open my eyes yet. I fear my mind will tell my body to finish dreaming. Surely the water will continue to protect me if I am dreaming. 

It could not dream of this. After some time, the water had simply dried up, added to the moisture of the air. My face was planted in a puddle of dewy earth, my hands and arms covered in silt. I have yet to feel my legs cradled underneath me. As my legs came to remember walking on land, my eyes were forced open by a glaring light. My limbs began to bend with the breaking of the light through cracks and crevices. The walls that enclosed me were easier to see, a way out easier to imagine. 

I reached up for the ledge that invited me into this abyss. It was closer than the jump felt. I then made it onto higher ground with one vast pull of the upper body. There was freed air above. It was the first time my lungs were filled and refreshed with an answer to my confusion. I can breathe. The wind was clean enough to blast the stains from my clothes and blow the dirt from my skin. I can see. There was no mountain in front of me, rather one behind. I stood on the field of the other side. 

I am now on a journey. Maybe, to find the being that saved me or maybe to discover why I was here at all. I have the courage to figure it out.