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Published on 11th May 2018

Affirmation Manifesto

Heal yourself, baby. Your face was designed to reflect the love of father. 

Cherish yourself, baby. Your heart was  created to walk you through the valley of shadows. 

Love yourself, baby. Your feet were made to tread over thorns and lies. 

Believe yourself, baby. Your ancestors created the mecca for you to come back to your truth. 

Adore yourself, baby. Your greatness is but mere seconds from coming to. 

Trust yourself, baby. Your incubator is no longer the dysfunction of the family. 

Change yourself, baby. Your internal fight will drive you to action. 

See yourself, baby. You are no longer the lies they spoke over you. 

Free yourself, baby. It's your right to dream and be free of mental, emotional, and spiritual captivity.